To My Girlfriends


Happy International Women’s Day! On this happy, happy day of celebrating every woman, I thought I’d steer clear of my usual rambling of pretty clothes and talk about my girlfriends. This is an ode to my six longest and best friendlings, so sorry if the majority have no idea what any of these anecdotes mean, but I hope it makes you six LOL.

Anna Thurley



You’re first up babe, I love you. You may be the one who I’ve known for the least amount of time, but it feels like I’ve known you and your little summer dress for YEARS (you’re very pretty in your summer dress). I genuinely can’t remember where we first met, but I guess we owe it to our mutual Torquay gals. Thank you for always making me look that little bit taller, for driving like a 70 year old and for teaching me how to do that stitch rug thing which I’ve forgotten the name of. Thanks for always bringing rum to a party, and for the constant expression of shock in your lil face. Sorry that you have to put up with us laughing at everything you say, but you’re the perfect target, and you love it really. Whenever I hear your name, the only thing I ever think of is “I’m not even that drunk. Look I can walk down the stairs in heels…*trips*”. You are defo one of the messiest and most forgetful drunks I’ve ever known, despite always looking 10/10. The next time you forget your ID or leave all of your belongings in a cinema I might just have to de-friend you. In all seriousness, I dunno what I’d do without you, you are SUCH a babe. And thanks for being the one my flatmates call “the small one who threw up in our sink”.

Helen Snow



Lol where do I even begin with you. From being one of the most naive girls I ever met all through high school, even at uni you’re still pretty out of it, and I love it. Some of my favourite ever moments were in year 11 Spanish, where our teacher could not have hated us more, and whom we tipped over the edge after laughing outrageously in a silent exam. And that one R.E. lesson where you told me the night before you had died and come back to life (this still makes me question our friendship). Thanks for being my constant festival buddy, and for letting me make you look like the Were Rabbit. I’ll never forget when you thought you’d caught a mean tan and really your face was covered in dirt. Still one of the funniest weekends of my life. I think you top Anna’s drunken antics, especially that time you got angry at Catherine and threw you’re phone at Timepiece. Uncalled for. And that time we messed with the DJ booth and ran from the bouncers – my fave ever vid. From me giving you your first ever Strongbow at a party to us at the same university living 10 mins away from each other (still), I’ve loved every single second of being one of your besties. You are incredibly weird, fiercely independent and own the most outrageous collection of hats and gloves I’ve ever seen. I love you despite you threw a snowball at a duck last week.

Alice Fox



QUEEEEEEEEEN. Perchik, you crazy student, I’m still sour they didn’t cast us to be lovers but oh well, at least we are in real life. Sorry for that time in the library when all I wanted to do was learn the lyrics to Despacito and you got angry. Thank you for always being the hostest with the mostest, for letting Georgie and I steal those falafels and that dip sent from the angels, and for allowing us to always drink wine and play games in your dream house. I’m trying desperately to pin-point memories in my head of us laughing hysterically, but all the happiness blends into one. Thanks for always rebelling with me and making Helen mad when we stole her wine from her food tech assessment before our first performance. And annoying everyone by wasting breadsticks and covering our campsite with that disgusting breakfast porridge slush of which Georgie stepped in and got all over her sleeping bag. I honestly don’t think I have ever laughed so much after hearing the abuse coming out of her mouth from the next tent along. You are the best partner in crime anyone could ever ask for, with the most infectious laugh and the best liar the world has ever seen. Cue hiding spring rolls from Charlotte in cupboard.

Georgie Adams



Hey Mum, it’s me, Chava, just doing a spot of reading! For someone I spend a hell of a lot of time with, I barely have any pics of us, how sad. We probably don’t have time as we are usually on the floor crying with laughter at poor jokes, bad impressions and more often than not at our friends’ expense. I don’t know many people who can make me belly laugh like you do, so thanks in advance for giving me the biggest smile lines when I’m old. Walking into a lovely, sophisticated cocktail bar with your shoe flapping about all over the place is a personal highlight of your fashion faux-pas. An icon. Ever since we first met as shy year 7s auditioning for Grease, I knew you were the ONE. Spending rehearsals at our first, and last, high school plays was an absolute blast, and I wouldn’t wish for anything else. Thank you for breaking female stereotypes by proving that often women SHOULD NOT be left in the kitchen, unless you want ravioli stuffed with tissue paper. Thank you for that day when we dragged you away from revision and forced you to spend the entire day and evening at Impy, that’s the kind of sacrifice I’m looking for. You’re gonna go FAR my gal, and I think every one of us six can agree by saying there isn’t anyone quite like you who can make us smile.

Catherine Turner



We’ve had an up and down relationship for many years, to say the least. And I just wanna say the biggest thank you for commando crawling all the way up the field to us that day. If you didn’t, I dunno if we would have made it this far. You’re the most competitive, funny, grumpy (when woken up) girl in the world, and I can’t help but laugh at you when you are telling us we are building ladybirds wrong in that bug game. Thanks for your endless lifts and panic-stricken driving when you have no idea where you are or where you’re going, sorry I’m never any help. Your incredibly long-winded and bad Dad jokes are what I lived for in our library-ridden days. That time you tripped up on the way to rehearsals, spilling your food all over the floor was excellent, Alice and I thank you deeply for that. But there’s nothing I thank more than you dragging me into your school ways, where teachers either hated or loved us. My personal favourites are: you making us miss the school bus after French detention, dropping me from the climbing wall, thus meaning we could never work together again, you kicking me in science when you were angry with me, and last but not least stressing out Ms England so much we were banned from the library. I’d do anything to relive those lessons with you, and thank God you didn’t run away after high school, cos you are still my best friend. Also, I can’t speak for the others, but I have forgiven you for being SO incredibly moody those mornings at Bestival. Those eyes.

Charlotte Smith



BFFL. Love of my life. Babe. I’d first like to thank you for being my absolute best friend for eight years (WTF). Thank you for putting up with my tears, my stress, my irrational feelings and just me. There’s nothing I can’t tell you, and that’s one of the hundreds of things I adore about you. Despite your desperately irritating habits of hiding in my house when it’s time for you to go, making me cry by destroying my bed, and your inability to answer a question, I still love you. You’re incredibly weird and wonderful, and please continue on escaping the country for a few weeks without telling anyone where you’re going, and then coming back as if nothing has happened. It’s exciting. I wish I knew where all those photos we took years ago were, cos that was the best time of my life. Sleepovers with you every night, watching High School Musical back to back and spending hours on end in Londis looking for the best deal. Thanks on behalf of my parents for being the second daughter they never had, they defo love you as their own. Growing up together pretty much all of our life, although we weren’t close in primary school, has been one of the biggest privileges. You’ve been with me through all of my hairstyles, my first date, my darkest days and my lightest ones, and I honestly don’t think I would have gotten this far if it wasn’t for YOU. All these years and never one fall out, that’s pretty solid TBF. The memory of you falling off a baby swing and landing on your head is one that will stick with me forever. Your ‘Chanel’ jumper. Drake. Pepe the frog. Irritating Helen so much she cries. Your laugh. You. Thank you for forever being the Gabriella to my Troy. XOXO Gossip Girl.

So guys, here’s to you six. The six women who inspire me every single day and who I miss more than anything. I love you all with every inch of my heart! And to the other gals in my life who continue to uplift my womanhood, you know who you are (especially cos I live with most of you). I LOVE YOU BABES. I would use our group chat name, but I feel it’s inappropriate.

Happy International Women’s Day.



Pretty in Pink, isn’t she?

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I hope when you hear the three words, ‘Pretty in Pink’ your mind immediately jumps to the film or the song. If not, why not? Whilst I’m all for the Psychedelic Furs, they ain’t what’s on my mind today. With catwalk looks hitting us from here, there and everywhere, Paris Fashion Week is totally channelling all things Andie Walsh this Autumn/Winter 2018. I’m aware there may be a few of you who have no idea who Andie Walsh is, but by the end of this little ode to one of my favourite characters of all time, I hope you’ll be enlightened and love her as much as I do.


Eighties American rom-com, Pretty in Pink, shows us one of the true designer greats in Andie Walsh. Played by Molly Ringwald, Andie is a quirky American teen with an aptitude for designing, particularly gorgeous pink, vintage frocks. Her best friend, Duckie Dale (insert heart-eye emoji) is completely and utterly in love with her and her incredible designing abilities, and hey, who wouldn’t be!? The image above is a still from my most treasured scene of the movie, which also happens to be the last. Andie’s prom dress is possibly the most iconic fashion moment in film, in my eyes, and I will never not think ‘what would Andie Walsh wear?’, when I’m getting ready for a night out. But I’m not here to describe the plot, nor spoil the ending for the unlucky people who’ve never watched this classic. Instead, my job is to show you four looks from Paris Fashion Week whose dresses are oh so (slightly elevated) Andie Walsh. Whilst these designers probably didn’t take inspiration from Andie’s prom dress, they certainly gave me all the Pretty in Pink feels.

Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney’s low-key designs, always with that effortless “I woke up like this” look, are what makes her garments so unique, and so beautiful. The tone of pink in this dress combined with the model’s own skin tone resonates oh so perfectly with Andie Walsh. The sheer detail in embellishment and beading in this dress juxtaposes gorgeously with the offhand vibe that is so prominent in this simple design. The sheer covering from Andie’s collar to the rest of her dress is what I affiliate with most in this McCartney look. The embroidery in this AW18 garment so totally channels the lace/mesh feel that Andie’s dress is giving off. Almost disguised as a slip dress, I can imagine Andie Walsh sporting this look either to bed or on the dance floor. McCartney you did good (again).



What makes Andie’s finale dress SO iconic is the high collar contrasting with the Bardot neckline, and with this dusty pink number from Valentino, the complete opposite is shown. The model is covered head-to-toe by beautifully falling pink fabric with the most amazing scalloped edges. Although this look is almost the antithesis of Andie’s look, the high collar in both is what brings them together. Valentino’s model’s shoulders maybe shrouded in pink, however her collar fits exactly the same as Andie’s. YES for a high neck pink dress!

Alexander McQueen


Probably my favourite out of all the looks, and not just cos I love McQueen. It’s also probably the one which is most different to the Pretty in Pink prom dress. Despite an almost perfect colour and the exact same sheen of silk, all that really ties them together is the fact that they’re both pink dresses. However, I wasn’t looking for a dress the same as Andie’s, I was searching for one which held the qualities of it, and also of the eighties, and what could be more eighties than this McQueen frock? The accentuated sleeves are SO over-exaggerated I feel like I’m dancing the night away with The Human League. Plus, the black tailored-to-perfection blazer disguised by layers of pink satin is giving me serious Grace Jones/Morrissey vibes, if there is such a thing. Andie Walsh ain’t just Pretty in Pink, she’s also an 80s icon don’t forget.

Nina Ricci


That high collar is BACK and this final look just SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAMS Andie Walsh. I can almost envisage this model running down her school corridor into the arms of the Duckie Dale in his super cool shades and suit (insert two heart-eye emojis), but this isn’t about the Duck Man. Even the sleeves on this Ricci design dart out to almost the exact same point as Andie’s do, and I know you can’t see the length of Walsh’s dress, but oh is this the same. I think if this look was in Ricci’s AW86 collection, Andie Walsh wouldn’t have bothered making her own, and snapped this right up. Pretty in pink, isn’t she?

So, even if you weren’t interested in my gibbering away about these four AW18 looks which reminded me of Pretty in Pink’s most iconic dress, then I hope I’ve inspired you to watch this damn film. I guarantee if, when, you do, you’ll 1. Get straight on the sewing machine; 2. Fall in love with Duckie Dale and 3. Wanna live in the 80s.

D&G AW18 Cultural References

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With Milan Fashion Week over and done with for another season, I can’t help but scour the collections for artistic, musical or any references to do with popular culture, and to my joy, Dolce & Gabbana’s most recent collection is FULL of them. From Putti of Renaissance art to Lolita to Gustav Klimt, D&G’s AW18 collection has it all, and I could not be more obsessed.

Putti, Cherubs and Angels

Whilst the recurring theme of diamond encrusted hearts, bejewelled crowns and references to the Church were still prominent within this collection, the addition of all things cherub made their way to the catwalk last week. The majority of embroidered, appliqué and encrusted Putti were in the style of Renaissance high art, referencing Raphael heavily, particularly the Putti in the famous painting, The Sistine Madonna, 1512. In many of the looks the cherubs were presented as the main feature of the garment, whilst in others, Putti were integrated more subtly. Cherubs reappear throughout Renaissance art, and have clearly become a trend again in 2018. As well as Raphael’s paintings, the cherubs included in D&G’s looks are greatly reminiscent of Sleeping Putto, Léon Bazille Perrault, 1882. Dolce & Gabbana have clearly taken inspiration from art such as this, incorporating pure skin, chubby arms and rosy cheeks to fit the cherubim stereotype. Throughout the collection, it seems as though cherubs are evolving, and becoming evermore modern. Through the use of tapestry, sequin and all the way to the 100th look of the collection which shows a Putto in a cartoonish way, sporting orange sunglasses in order to bring cherubs of the Renaissance into the modern day.


The next reference which stood out to me is a less obvious one, as it is mainly incorporated in one look, however it is probably my favourite look. Look 11 of D&G’s fall 2018 collection presented a model in a baby pink coat with embroidered pastel flowers, sporting a fabulous pink wig and the most amazing sunglasses you’ve ever seen! A few of the models within the show sported these sunglasses, with words ranging from ‘Woow’ to ‘Cool’ to ‘Love’ sprawled across their eyes. For now, I’m just gonna be talking about the ‘Love’ ones, and not just because they are my favourite. These light pink frames with bright red, heart-shaped lenses couldn’t help but make me think of Lolita, one of my all-time favourite books (a cliché I know). Even if you haven’t read Nabokov’s classic then 1). You should; and 2). You’ll surely be familiar with the film and many references of Lolita’s heart-shaped sunglasses within popular culture. Everyone loves a pair of funky sunglasses, especially when they make your eyes say ‘I LOVE YOU’, and this pair is no exception, particularly when they are so reminiscent of a cultural classic.

Gustav Klimt

I could bang on forever about D&G’s cultural references, however here is the third and final one: Gustav Klimt. Again, this reference is not immediately obvious, however when I looked at the collection for the third or fourth time, a few pieces stood out to me as inherently Klimt in style. Whether this was Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s intention, I don’t know, but it certainly works for me. There are three looks in particular which called out to me with ‘Klimt-vibes’: looks 9, 63 and 74. Now obviously it helps that all these looks are predominantly yellow and gold, a common colour theme within Klimt’s work, but the bejewelling, embroidery and appliqué also reminded me of Klimt’s spectacular art. Gustav Klimt had a talent for making his paintings look in some ways sparkly, and as though they are riddled with sequins, and thus made me think of D&G’s incredible garments as a reference to his work.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection is not only immaculate, beautiful and all things DG, but is also full of cultural references which could easily pass one by. I love you DG.


5 Must-Dos for Students in 2018!

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The New Year is a tough time for us students, whether you be first, second or (gulp) third years. Freshers are exhausted from over-consumption of alcohol who know as soon as January hits they’ll be expected to start all over again. Second years are in a strange limbo of impending fear of third year alongside the need to party as hard as they can to keep up with their memories of first year, and the dissertation deadline of third years is enough to cause anyone into shutdown! With exams looming and Christmas festivities over and done with, we all need a few handy pick-me-ups when it comes to the New Year. So, with that, here I am with 5 things which I am calling ALL students to do in 2018!


  1. GO TO GIGS!

Now, I’m not talking about your favourite go-to club night, or 3 for 2 VKs in Pryzm on a Saturday night. No, I’m talking about getting yourself down to a proper old-fashioned gig. You’d be surprised by how many student unions put on 5-star gigs, and most of the time they end up cheaper than a standard night on the town followed by your inevitable Happy Meal. Towards the end of last year, I made a concerted effort to spend my money on experiences I wouldn’t forget, rather than frivolous activities and material things that didn’t mean much, and I am hoping to carry that mind-set into 2018. Whatever your music taste, you can bet there’ll be some amazing acts you can have the opportunity of going to see! To give you any kind of inspiration, here is a short list I’ve compiled to get you into a gigging mood: Erasure (playing multiple venues throughout February), The Magic Gang (playing multiple venues throughout March), Rejjie Snow (playing multiple venues throughout April) Björk (playing Victoria Park, London, in May), a-ha (playing Northern Echo Arena, Darlington, in June), and that’s just a handful to sink your teeth into! I urge you to break the gig barrier this year!



The tweet shown below has been circulating the internet for a few weeks now, and it struck a chord with a few experiences I’ve had with people in my first term of university.


I can understand shooting straight home if you’ve just had a hellish 9am (I feel you), or if you have mountains of reading to catch up on, but to jet out of your class when all you’re gonna do is sit around watching Netflix seems pointless to me, especially if you might complain about not making friends after. You don’t even have to do anything with your course friends, you could simply walk back to your halls together, and learn a little more about each other. One of the things I’ve learnt in my first year is that people make friends rapidly at university – faster than I ever thought! Even if you’re a second or third year, you may have made your best friends, but you’ll still have modules with people you may have never met before, so this is my plea (and I’m joining you) to talk to your course mates after lectures or seminars, and you never know, they may even be into the SU’s Sauvignon Blanc as much as you!



My third isn’t quite as cultured or inspiring as numbers 1 and 2, however I would go as far as to say this is a life-changing tip for any student. These two drinks that I’m about to spill to you will change your pre’s game FOREVER. The first recommendation is Soleil wine. Oh my goodness. Luckily, my halls are located directly opposite a Sainsbury’s, sorry if yours aren’t but you better find your nearest one ASAP! Although this wine isn’t the highest percentage (and a wine connoisseur would definitely not class it as wine), but it is the tastiest, easiest drink in the world, and for £2.85 a bottle, as a student you cannot go wrong. The second is again one of my new all-time faves, and this time comes from Morrisons. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ease of getting to one of these but if you do, you have got to get your hands on Lamcello NOW. Not only is it in a pretty pink can with a fifties-esque model on the side, but it is also 7.5% and, are you ready for this…it is 50p! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, don’t worry you are not hallucinating! This posh Perry is ideal for everybody and will guarantee to serve as a perfect pre-going out drink, and is never, ever going to break the bank. You are welcome!



Back to a slightly more academic-based must-do now, but nevertheless equally as brilliant. I know reading isn’t for everyone, and once you get to university, I’m sure you will be SICK TO DEATH of reading for your modules. However, reading, or listening to an audio book (if gazing at words ain’t your style), that bears no correlation with your course is an amazing way to rid yourself of university worries, getting out of your Netflix rut, and enjoying a bit of you time (I find this especially helpful when hungover, trust me). Reading, whether it be in the form of a magazine, book or newspaper for personal enjoyment is something I find so relaxing and helps any student to chill them out from focussed course-reading. You may not think it but reading for pleasure will probably help you with your course in more ways than one!



I’m ending on probably quite an obvious tone, but guys unfortunately we are not students forever (cries). We need to collectively make the most out of our student discount as possible! From browsing ASOS to going out for meals to getting your weekly pasta fix from Tesco, offers are ALWAYS to be had. Never be afraid to ask the cashier if they offer student discount, as many will not say a thing, but alas you will never look a fool! Many will admire your courage in trying to get the most out of your money. UNIDAYS and StudentBeans are both amazing sources of student discounts, so never forget to regularly scour their websites, and signing up to emails or getting notifications to your phones will come in very handy indeed!


So, there you have it! 5 things that I think all students need to do more of in 2018. Obviously, some of these tips are more “university-orientated” than others, but we all need a drink after a hard-days’ work, don’t we guys! Enjoy 2018 and make the most out of your uni experience no matter how many years you have left, it won’t come around again!


A Topshop Guide to Party Season

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Kicking off the festivities with all things sparkly at Topshop! With Christmas less than 3 weeks away now (insert scream), I’m sure everyone is planning parties and festive occasions with your loved ones, so why not add some new sparkly members to your wardrobe, eh?

I’ve picked out a select few items, all from Topshop, which I am besotted with at the moment, and I’m sure you will be too. From sparkly heels to faux fur to velvet galore, Topshop are KILLING it with the Christmas vibe at the moment.

Take a sneak peak below and I can guarantee your mouths will be watering for more!

A Topshop Guide to Party Season
  1. The velvet top
  2. The metallic jacket
  3. The faux fur coat
  4. The sparkly poncho
  5. The star print trousers
  6. The mini skirt
  7. The party bag
  8. The iridescent earrings
  9. The glitter

A Love Story

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sjContrary to opinion, to me, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg epitomise love. Possibly not in the conventional sense which one would assume romance, but there is just something about these two which gives me heart palpitations. For those that know me inside out, this will not come as a shock (actually they’re probably bored of hearing it), but I wanted to develop my feelings for this couple from pen to paper. Sit back, relax and let’s start at the beginning.

Before Serge, Jane was married to John Barry who was prolific in composing and conducting, and subsequently composed 11 scores of the James Bond films. Oh Jane, you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately the marriage was short lived, after the birth of their daughter, the late Kate Barry. Despite Jane’s obvious heartbreak, Gainsbourg took a fancy to the gorgeous actress on the set of Slogan in 1968. In the 70s, Jane and Serge’s love was controversial, which many saw as scandalous, and few others deemed as captivating. The explicit love affair wasn’t the typical tale Disney encapsulates, in fact it was quite the opposite. Gainsbourg and Birkin were so infatuated with each other, their love often turned to hate. One of the first things Birkin said about Gainsbourg was, “He’s horrible!”, which could be interpreted as a rocky start to a new relationship, but they proved us wrong!


In 1969, a year after the pair started their love story, Gainsbourg created an album featuring duets of the two, including the infamous Je t’aime…moi non plus, which I am very lucky to have on vinyl (thank you to you). This song, for obvious reasons, received critical acclaim, not only because of the racy lyrics, but the addition of female moaning, which you can interpret as you will, probably didn’t help. Despite varied opinions on the album, I think it is a work of art which many misunderstood as a degrading way of boasting about their relationship.


Although they never married, they had a child, Charlotte Gainsbourg, whom consolidated their relationship for a number of years. However, sadly the birth of their child only stabilised the couple for a short while, and eventually Serge and Jane’s love long outlived their relationship. Gainsbourg’s excessive drinking slowly brought the affair to a close, and whilst they lasted for 13 long years, the relationship came to a slow standstill after 10. Regardless of the separation, my favourite couple in the world remained best friends up until Serge’s death in 1991. In fact, after Jane gave birth to her third daughter, Lou Doillon, from her relationship with director, Jacques Doillon, Gainsbourg posted a box of baby clothes for Lou and Jane, and was later announced the child’s godfather. So, after a clearly turbulent romance, their true love never died, and in my eyes it never, ever will.

I love you. X


The underdog of resort ’18

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Resort collections wouldn’t be resort collections without Prada, Gucci and Chanel showing their faces, and whilst you can’t really beat them, this year Fausto Puglisi pulled out all the stops.

Fausto 2

Puglisi resort 2018 collection

An unfamiliar name to many, the Sicilian born Puglisi is climbing his way up the fashion ladder as a dazzling talent. Not only is Puglisi’s work effortlessly cool, it also holds a breath of fresh air which many other resort 2018 collections unfortunately lack. Inspired by brilliant Italian architecture combined with Indian Art Deco, Puglisi’s designs exude cultural beauty. From oversized t-shirts to leather mini skirts and flowing chiffon gowns, each piece has been meticulously thought through to produce an excellent emsemble of streetwear and couture. The bold colours, prints and materials Puglisi has used may seem to the untrained eye, ‘incohesive’, but the small details in the gladiatorial accessories and bejewelled corsets go together hand in hand.

fausto 3

Puglisi resort 2018 collection

The heart and sun motifs may trigger one to Dolce and Gabbana, and considering Puglisi was part of D&G’s retail project Spiga 2 back in 2010, I don’t blame you. Although Pugilisi and fashion big guns Dolce and Gabbana may share slight resemblances, Puglisi’s designs are far less obvious and instead of making these iconic symbols the centre of the collection, the garments themselves override in a way D&G’s don’t necessarily.




Working closely with architect, Paulo Rizzo on his store in Milan, Puglisi has fused his Italian heritage with the everyday which in turn has created a luxury shop which mirrors that of the Roman Domus. You’ll know when you’re in Puglisi’s shop as the sun motif which is so emphatic throughout his collection lies on the floor, thus marking his territory on the fashion world.




This is my personal thank you to Fausto Puglisi on revitalising resort collections and teaching us that the heroes of the fashion world need not always be the star of the show. X


Fausto Puglisi


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CALLING ALL ART LOVERS! Whether you’re into Impressionism, the Renaissance, Romanticism or whatever tickles your fancy, get ready to be transported into what I can only describe as heavenmonet bag.


With a huge thank you to Louis Vuitton and the extraordinary handiwork of American artist, Jeff Koons, all of our prayers have been answered! I know this has been a hot topic of conversation many times since the collaboration launch in April of this year, but I wanted the chance to personally celebrate it. I like a handbag as much as the next person, but I didn’t know it was possible to feel infatuated with such a banal, everyday item, but that’s just the thing! These bags are the utter antithesis of mundane – they are, quite literally, works of art. Koons is famous for taking boring, household items and turning them into masterpieces. Take his giant balloon dog sculpture made out of brilliant blue steel for example. Who wouldn’t want this at their next birthday party?koons

Every single item in this collection is so beautiful, it’s incredibly difficult to even consider a favourite. However, for me there is one piece that is a cut above the rest. The Rubens’ rucksack is quite possibly, the most wonderful accessory I have ever seen (and not just because I’m more of a backpack girl). The astonishing Vuitton bag projects one of my favourite Rubens’ paintings, The Tiger Hunt. Rubens painted this work between 1615 and 1616, and over 400 years later here I am, obsessing over it imprinted in leather. There is just something about the ferociousness of the tiger sinking its teeth into the shoulder of a hunter which I would love to wear on my back…anything to look fierce. Even the cobalt straps are excellent; the way they mirror the blue sea between the horse’s back legs ties the bag altogether beautifully. I often see the downsides and faults to things, but I truly cannot seem to find anything wrong with this beautiful bag. Can you tell I’m in love?rubens.jpg

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is: Mum and Dad, if you read this and you have £2,240 going spare, this bag may just be on my christmas list. X

Wearing the Referendum

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eu head

With June 23rd fast approaching, the UK has never appeared more like a Hokey Cokey frenzy. The poll tracker regarding each vote camp seems to indicate that at this stage the percentage for both campaigns is more or less equal. However, putting politics, statistics and real life aside; has anybody been wondering what the fashion industry has to say about all this?

Following recent events, Vote Remain is looking far more fashionable (I’m not biased), than Vote Leave. With 90% of British fashion designers posing their ‘IN’ vote, the rag trade are all up for remaining and working in harmony with Europe. On the other side of the fence, a mere 4.3% of designers are pro-Brexit. Vivienne Westwood started off the referendum trend by promoting how imperative it is for young people to make sure they vote in, arguably, the most significant election of their lifetime. Vivienne referendum

Vivienne Westwood.

And with this statement from Viv, the fashion industry EXPLODED. However, apparently it was LC:M (London Collections: Men) who exploded the loudest. The London-born fashion label, SIBLING, founded by designers Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery, were the first to state which way they would be swaying on June 23rd… I think the message was pretty clear. Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery

Sid Bryan (left), Cozette McCreery (right) at the finale of their SIBLING show at LC:M).

This in/out/shake it all about style craze which was all the range at LC:M was the subject of many of the top menswear labels, including the man who’s more often than not sporting a Baker Boy; Christopher Raeburn. Raeburn wasn’t quite as ‘in-yer-face’ as Bryan and McCreery, but sometimes subtlety is the key to getting noticed.

Raeburn eu.jpg-large Christopher Raeburn’s SS17 collection at LC:M. 

Even if they weren’t on the catwalk, other curators such as fine art photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans, managed to get his message across perhaps more so than any other designer. Tillmans’ minimalist t-shirts promoting Team Remain were definitely simple, yet incredibly effective. With Tillmans’ main message being “No man is an island. No country by itself”, I think it is undeniable that the vast majority of people involved in the art scene are preparing to vote for our country to remain part of the European Union. I think it’s time we followed fashion.

Wolfgang Tillmans

Design by artist Wolfgang Tillmans promoting Team Remain.

Long live McQueen

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alexander mcqueen.jpg

“Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution.”

Genius, talent, a prodigy; just a handful of words I could use to describe the haute couture wizard that was, Alexander McQueen. For a life which ended far too young, people need to be made aware of the marker McQueen set down for fashion, art and life.

A taxi driver for a father and a mother who taught social sciences; it’s more than fair to say McQueen didn’t develop in the most bourgeois environment. Council housing in Lewisham, however nice it may be, doesn’t exactly scream ‘FASHION’S NEW BEST THING’. Yet, this is where Lee Alexander McQueen discovered his natural craft. I prefer to call McQueen’s designs art, rather than fashion. Anybody ordinary can create a garment, it’s easy. McQueen, however, was not ordinary. He was exceptionally extraordinary in fact. His designs had meaning, thought and intellect behind them, instead of just looking ‘pretty’, which most of the time, they did not.

Subsequent to dropping out of high school at the fragile age of sixteen, McQueen applied for a job at renowned tailors on the acclaimed street, Savile Row, where he learned the beautiful mastery of tailoring. With a passion to further his clothes-making desire, McQueen moved on from his tailoring placement and began working with theatrical costume designers, Angels and Bermans. The theatre which was encased within the garments he was working with inspired McQueen to think up dramatic and daring creations which soon came to light later on in his career. McQueen soon rocked up at Central St Martins, one of the most prestigious fashion institutions in London, without any qualifications, and was fast scooped up by influential stylist (best-known for her outlandish hat wearing), Isabella Blow. Blow bought the entirety of McQueen’s ’92 graduation collection and soon enough they became exceptional friends who saw each other more as family than anything else. Blow talks of McQueen, “He’s my child – I adore him”. Together, McQueen and Blow were unstoppable and, according to many friends and family, inseparable.

McQ and Blow

From McQueen’s graduation show, Jack The Ripper Stalks His Victims to his last titled spectacle before his death, Pomp and Circumstance, all performances were as shocking and iconic as the next. Highland Rape is possibly McQueen’s best known fashion display. Inspired by the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of British forces in the Scottish highlands within the 18th and 19th centuries, McQueen evoked his ancestral pride with this diverse collection. Beautifully cut tartan suits which revealed women in a way no designer had approached before and torn lace with unfinished hems, this was a concept entirely new to high-end fashion. With this collection, McQueen succeeded his dream of putting forth strong statements about femininity enraptured in fashion. The early appearance of the Bumster within Highland Rape produced a particularly strong statement which proliferated house codes. Who doesn’t love an unorthodox Scottish-inspired catwalk, eh?

Highland Rape and many others of McQueen’s catwalk shows emitted such attitude which made them absolutely archetypal within haute couture form. However, there is one show which, if you know your stuff, you’ll never forget. No.13: Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 1999 show was a parade like no other. The catwalk held women, such as Paralympic athletes, sporting wooden, prosthetic limbs. They were dressed in hard, leather bodices with high necks which restricted the models in such a way that the audience were disturbed. However, these bound and restrained Paralympians would leave the audience feeling rather introspective after what they were about to witness. The finale of No.13 was un-heard of (even for McQueen). This was the most striking finish of his shows to date, and one which will forever live on. A limp, skeletal looking model stood loosely hunched on a rotating plinth in the centre of the show, between two industrial robots which appeared to be attempting to interact with her slow, gentle movements. The flailing of the robots grew more intense, juxtaposing themselves with the beautiful ballerina dressed in a white trapeze dress. The audience were astounded with the violence the robots evoked as they sprayed harsh hues of black and yellow in psychotic lines all about the revolving ballet dancer. Not only did this arresting performance startle and perturb the audience, it provoked comment upon the interaction between man and machine as we ascended into the 21st century. Iconic, is all that can be said for McQ’s shows.


McQueen had it all. A beautiful and natural talent for designing and performing, a scintillating career which he had an avid passion for, a loving family and partner, and his dogs. But even those living the dream can have all kinds of things going on behind the scenes. In 2007, the shadow of death started to cast itself upon McQueen’s life after the suicide of friend and soulmate, Isabella Blow. McQueen devoted his 2008 spring/summer collection to Blow with which he contributed “her death was the most valuable thing I learnt in fashion”. This collection was quite different from the distressing scenes and garments of others. It exuded a beautiful delicacy which is hard to come by with McQueen’s designs. Heavily circulating around brilliant colour and fragile butterflies, this collection encapsulated the vulnerability and sentimentality McQueen felt at the time of Blow’s departure, and was a gracefully affectionate send off. If the parting of a dear confidante doesn’t tarnish your sparkle enough, a mere two years later, McQueen’s mother, Joyce, died after a long battle with cancer. McQueen and his mother had a bond you don’t see many influential designers admitting to nowadays. After this bond was destroyed by disease, McQueen became heavily depressed and was said to be taking a lot of drugs. Nine days on from Joyce McQueen’s death, Alexander McQueen was found by his housekeeper hanging within his wardrobe by ‘his favourite brown belt’, on February 11th, 2010. All that was found of McQueen that morning was a note which read: “Please look after my dogs”.

Alexander McQueen’s exceptional rise from a lower-class high school dropout to internationally notorious designer and artist is phenomenal. His dangerous styles and reckless shows inspired, amazed and some-what troubled the world of fashion, and his legacy will forever live on. Sarah Burton took over the Alexander McQueen brand, and their shows are still wonderfully perturbing. However, it will never quite be the same without McQ. As for his dogs, McQueen out aside £50,000 of his wealth for them so that they could live on the lap of luxury until they too joined McQueen in his escape. Even after he’s gone, he’s still pretty remarkable and that can’t be said for many people. Long live McQueen!

Long live McQueen